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Bracket this with the title above as another break on plunging into building or buying a house, once the war structures are lifted. The author is convinced that pressure is already being applied to the end of persuading too many people to build or buy. He shows how home owning is a lottery for a great many families. This is not a practical how-to-do handbook -- nor a book for wary purchasers -- but a candid analysis of the pros and cons (with emphasis on the cons). He discusses the pressure factors, -- real estate people, false standards of security, publicity dealing with housing and planning, the doubtful argument of its being a good investment, an incentive to save, an improvement in credit status. He shows instead the fallacies and pitfalls, sponsored by various commercial interests; he criticises the role of government in the home-owning-pattern, but indicates ways in which the F.H.A. etc. can help control fringe community housing projects, planned neighborhoods, etc. There are some revealing statements in this book, which unfortunately is written in a way to discourage the possibility of general reading on the part of those who might need the warning. Its probable market is those who are interested in housing trends.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1945
Publisher: Harper