FIRE, BURN! by John Dickson Carr
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More jiggery-pokery with a chink in time sends Detective Inspector John Cheviot from today to 1829 when Peel, Rowan and Mayne were inaugurating the Metropolitan Police against all criticism from every class. Widowed Lady Drayton is in his arms; he is scheduled to be the superintendent of the new law enforcement and given the case of Lady Cork's stolen birdseed. This turns out to be jewels and three people are watching when Lady Cork's companion, Margaret Renfrew, is murdered so Cheviot, finding out strange things in his reincarnated character, is more than on a spot. There is the enemy he makes with whom he must have a shooting match -- and a duel; there is the matter of Vulcan and a broil at his gambling place; there is Lady Drayton to be shielded; there is Cheviot's 20th century knowledge which is of little avail; and there is the treachery of his enemy which brings about the downfall of the real criminal. And there is an elegance of entertainment for 1957 readers before Cheviot is returned to his proper time-spot.

Publisher: Harper