PIGWIG by John Dyke


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Dyke draws pigs with such long snouts that the stuckup Matilda, walking by with ""her elegant nose in the air,"" looks something like a cross with an elephant. But lovesick Pigwig looks even sillier as he decides that the way to win Matilda's fancy is to court her in an impressive hat. First, he makes an elaborate one out of a trash can, flowerpots, and several other items, but she turns him down because his hat is too big. The one he makes next out of a hystack proves too tickly, and the one from auto parts too noisy--but the next, an indescribable mess based on several regular hats and their trimmings, is so imposing that the shadow of Pigwig in it scares a robber off the farm and wins its wearer both Matilda and a hero's reputation. And if Pigwig had a hat for every picture book that ended just that way, his overstrained story might go on forever.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Methuen