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How and where (not if) we will fight Communist Russia when the times comes, as it surely will, are the questions to which geopolitician Kieffer formulates answers in his grim volume. Through a step by step examination of the different forces and motives propelling Communism and Democracy towards an inevitable World War III, the author comes to outline the strategy by which we can win, going so far as to name specific battle areas and the tactics to be used in each. Europe he says, will be a field of annihilation from which we may have to withdraw and later, reinvade. In the case that Russia attacks through northern India, a buffer may be created from Moslem-Buddhist hatred. Turkey and the shores of the Black Sea, the most logical area for a direct allied strike at the Soviet, is to be militarily supported by the great oil reserves of the Middle East. Atomic warfare will not be the end-all factor that some strategists think it is. These are a few of the emergent components of a theory that culminates by advocating that the democracies, after victory, enter Russia and reform its people, a deed for which we must begin to prepare now to avoid our former peace-losing disasters. A tight and scholarly book, this builds logical proofs around statements to be hailed by many as probable truths, by hopefuls as inhuman, but by fact facers as a pretty fair determination of the actual fighting. A grim sequel to Realities of World Power.

Pub Date: April 6th, 1953
Publisher: McKay