LIGHTNING INSIDE YOU and Other Native American Riddles by John--Ed. Bierhorst

LIGHTNING INSIDE YOU and Other Native American Riddles

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Incredible as it is, Native American riddles have never before been gathered together in a book; there's even been some scholarly doubt that native riddling traditions exist on this side of the Atlantic. Bierhorst puts such questions to rest with a harvest from dozens of North, South, and Central American peoples, sandwiched between an analytical introduction and a list of published sources (mostly journal articles). Like other translated riddles, many here seem alien or fragmentary (""You grab it, I grab it"": ""air""--Maya), though in several the humor is close to home (""Why does a dog have a curl in its tail?"" ""So fleas can loop the loop""--Cherokee). Answers at the bottom of each page allow for guessing; Brierley's small, stylized b&w illustrations add occasional clues. Unique.

Pub Date: May 19th, 1992
Page count: 104pp
Publisher: Morrow