MY LIFE IN MUSIC by John Erskine


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The author of The Private Life of Helen of Tray in a discursive reminiscence of his own musical ""private life"". Early in his boyhood during the '80's, Erskine was introduced to music by his choir-singing father who put him into the hands of an able teacher at a tender age. Later at Columbia, he came under the influence of Edward MacDowell. Returning to Columbia to teach, shortly after the first war, Erskine yearned to play the piano again, studied with Earnest Hutcheaon, now President Emeritus of Juilliard, and was invited to take, and accepted, a directorship when that school was reorganized. From then on he was in the thick of things musical as director, teacher, librettist, concert-pianist and Lecturer, until an automobile accident left him partially disabled physically. Overburdened with personalities of little interest to the general reader, this emerges as a very special item for musical tea devotees.

Publisher: Morrow