THE OTHER CITY by John Espey
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Third in this author's panorama of life in China, this concentrates on Shanghai, and particularly the Shanghai American School (SAS) and Espey's days there. Again it is a sharp, blandly innocent picturing of the customs, of the superiority of one born, not only in Shanghai, but on the school grounds, of being a mission rather than a ""business"" child, of contrasts between stays in America and returns to the land they know better. And, again, it is a child's view -- in opposition to adults' knowledge -- of a city, a school and a life which has all the humor of intimate, forbidden information about all three. Here are the carriage days, contacts with the grown-up world, bits and pieces of Shanghai history, missionary life, the legendary battles over the Bust of Juno, a day as principal of the school, the part that Sons: and Lovers played in the author's winning a school prize, nerve-wracking telephone calls, brother and sister variances -- and unity --, doctorings and home occurrences. And this still has the charm of the earlier books, the jackanapes twinkle and the loving gentleness have not been lost.

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1949
Publisher: Knopf