THE FURY by John Farris


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Psi fi which as nearly as can be determined (were you not paying attention?) biofeedbacks everything which is around in the pseudoscientific domain from Peter Hurkos to W. Peter Blatty with a lot of fancy apparatus thrown in. Some of it deals with MORG (Multiphasic Operations Research Group) which is sort of an advanced CIA/FBI agency; more with something called the Psi Faculty doing paranormal research; but most of the story is concerned with the psychic affinity of two children born simultaneously at the time of the Great Conjunction. They're now grown--Gillian, the daughter of ordinary rich folk, and Peter, the son of an assassin who's quantum leaps ahead of everybody's who's after him. Gillian is the victim of strange seizures, first diagnosed as a virus, later as a state of ""tonic immobility"" which must be a very good place to be if you don't feel like thinking about what you're reading. Both of them ""bleed"" people ""out"" so that there are assorted casualties en route, a little sex, and some other Out of Body Experiences otherwise known as OOBE. It all seems manipulated and chaotic but then there's that last Great Conjunction of the heavenly, golddust twins--a fat paperback sale and a film in view.

Pub Date: June 4th, 1976
Publisher: Playboy