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YOU DON’T SCARE ME by John Farris Kirkus Star


by John Farris

Pub Date: April 3rd, 2007
ISBN: 0-312-85064-6
Publisher: Forge

Teenaged math genius Chase Emrick’s been on the run since she was 14, but she’s never more than a step ahead of the evil presence that’s already claimed everyone important in her life.

Chase perches precociously on the edge of womanhood. The Jubilation County, Ga., girl and her little brother, Jimmy, live with their widowed mother on prime acreage left to them by their father. But Chase’s mother makes a bad move: She takes up with sinister one-eyed, boot-clad, truck-driving druggie Crow Tillman, and soon marries him. Chase spends most of her time trying to avoid being alone with the menacing Crow, whose fake eye is emblazoned with a lightning bolt. But Crow, who travels with a vicious, mangy cur, has only shown Chase the edges of his depravity. In this riveting tale of death, courage and the supernatural from Farris (Phantom Nights, 2005, etc.), Crow erupts in a killing rage, and Chase discovers she can never really escape him—even when he’s already dead. The girl eventually ends up at Yale, living a solitary life by choice until she meets Adam, a campus cop with a dry sense of humor and a burning crush on the Georgia-born woman. But Chase, who suffers from a rare medical condition that strikes when she least expects it, knows what Adam doesn’t: Everyone she cares about dies horribly at the hands of an already-dead man who lives in a place known as the Netherworld. Adam, the son of wealthy world-renowned sculptor Stella Moritz, doesn’t care about Crow. He follows the fleeing Chase to New York City and convinces her that they were meant to be together. But he tragically underestimates Crow’s determination to possess Chase once and for all.

A chilling ride in which the action never flags, with an oddly constructed script-like climax and wholly unexpected gem of an ending.