MASTER PLAN U.S.A. by John Fischer
Kirkus Star


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We have a Master Plan, one that has been evolving since 1947. It has two major theses:- hold the line against Russia by strengthening the free nations; if Russia crosses the line, be ready to fight. We have a central organization devoted to formulating and developing this Plan- the National Security Council,- not as strong in either personnel or organization as might be wished, but a fairly harmonious and dedicated team, with sound balance of military and civilian. Out of this Council have come many constructive moves, and a few not so wise. The line of containment has been defined- and for the most part held. The main show is the European one; integration will take years but the Marshall Plan, the interlocking economic and military alliances and commitments, the first steps under Eisenhower in developing an allied military force, the strengthening of the U.N. by the shift of power to the General Assembly, these are more than straws in the wind. The problem of Germany is explored and the case put strongly for division as keeping the cancer in control. Fischar urges- in urning to Asia -- recognition that revolution is rife ; can we take the direction away from Russia? Point Four is our best weapon. We must support and expand it. We must ll the U.S.A. to the world. We must take the initiative, set the goal and accept our major share of responsibility. An important book for an informed citizenry.

Publisher: Harper