WAR, PEACE AND CHANGE by John Foster Dulles


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A handbook of the theory and psychology underlying war or force as the solution of conflicting desires. Man, by his selfish gregarious nature inevitably creates these conflicts. There are two types of solutions, ""ethical"" and ""political"" which must be combined to combat war. Ethical, by resisting such false ideologies as omnipotence of the national spirit, villainy of others, etc., and using reason to combat mass emotion. Political, by not assuming that peace is synonomous with the status quo, and therefore being adaptable to change when necessary. For example, the Versailles Treaty mistakes should have been faced and reckoned with in time. Conclusion -- fundamental weaknesses in human nature and social structure should be changed, guarded against. Theoretical but sound; professional in approach and not for the man in the street.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1938
Publisher: Harper