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The Rise of Energy Healing and Conscious Bio-Spiritual Transformation … With an Introduction to Unity Field Healing

by John G. Ryan

Pub Date: Jan. 31st, 2014
Publisher: Self

A Western doctor’s persuasive testament to energy healing.

The notion that all matter contains energy and consciousness has been gaining traction in public discourse. Ryan (Harp of the One Heart, 2013) adds credibility to the conversation with scientific examination as well as his own journey of conversion. He reframes the human experience as a biospiritual continuum that runs from subatomic particles to our higher spiritual natures and comprehensively explores that perspective. The scope and length are daunting, but a clear, conversational style, abundant personal anecdotes and palpable empathy for the reader make even technical or arcane concepts accessible. The treatment of commonly observable phenomena—fundamentals of electromagnetics, DNA, visible sound and vibration, sacred geometry—provides the foundation for the less easily perceived ones, such as the aura, chakras and energy bodies. Ryan addresses the role and limitations of science and explores modes and levels of healing. Key to the book’s value is the revealing chronicle of his own awakening to intuition and energetic healing, which accelerated during his medical studies. His grounding in logic and science remains firm, a stance that lends credence to his more unconventional practices and may especially appeal to those new to energy work. In his view, healing has moved from curing a condition to restoring balance with the self, environment and spirit. The means for achieving this balance, he explains, is embracing the spiritual and giving it suitable expression in the physical. That is the thrust of current human evolution, he contends. It is also the goal of his Unified Field Healing technique. As with the discussions that precede it, he introduces it without hype or pressure. "Don’t park your brain at the door" is the consistent message. As his life demonstrates, logic and the physical coexist with the intangible.

An impressive primer on the roles of energy and consciousness in the physical world and human healing.