THE POWER OF POISON by John Glaister


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By the Professor of Forensic Medicine at the University of Glasgow, and a student obviously dedicated to his subject as well, this is a Judicious and clinical examination of certain criminal cases in which poison has been used and the expertise their detection and prosecution involves. In cases such as these, although they can only be premeditated, the proof of guilt is hara to establish; whether the demise is due to disease- or some other cause- often baffles the medical practitioner; and the records here only go to prove how difficult it is to prove an intentional act of murder. Strychnine and atropine, antimony, aconite and the ubiquitous arsenic cast their malignant spell the rough these pages; so do Dr. Crippen, Major Armstrong, and the Seddons along with several mass poisoners; and three cases are developed more fully to show the laboratory and legal intricacies in reaching a verdict... For the market which Roughead and Pearson established, a measured and exacting appraisal of less likley general appeal.

Publisher: Morrow