UNSOLVED: The World of the Unknown by John Godwin

UNSOLVED: The World of the Unknown

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Not too unknown since you will have read most of this before--another (This Baffling World, etc.) hit or miscellany of lost ships and treasures, vampires and werewolves, Spanish gold, a deadly turquoise, the Hope diamond, the search for Michael Rockefeller, the identity of Jack the Ripper who might have been a woman (?!?), Uri Geller, zombies and draculas, etc. Here and there something newer will catch your eye--say the lingering death of Mollie Fancher who retained a remarkable sense of touch, or the hypnotized bank robber. Mr. Godwin's stated principle of selection for these stories of the occult is ""When in doubt--leave out."" You might want to follow it.

Pub Date: Feb. 13th, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday