THE SAME SCOURGE by John Goldthorpe


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A coldly realistic, yet adequately reverent novel depicting the followers of Jesus and the last months of his life, culminating in the crucifixion and the resurrection. Jesus is off stage- people talk of him, report on him as seen or heard from a distance, but he never figures immediately and directly in the narrative. The disciples and Mary Magdalen appear; miracles performed by Jesus are related; conflicting religious elements are convincingly given substance. The viewpoint is largely Roman, and the chief fictional character is the officer of a decury, Major Dorie. He is assigned the task of spying on the Essenes and the Nazarenes and is ultimately himself persuaded of Jesus' divinity. The novel is characterized by sudden violence, and fierce personal enmity among the Roman leaders, but its purely human, emotional runs out about there. Though vastly inferior in literary or narrative value to Vadis, it might well appeal to some of that market, in limited degree.

Publisher: Putnam