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OH'S PROFIT by John Goulet



Pub Date: Nov. 10th, 1975
Publisher: Morrow

The profit, so, absent in this cautionary tale, can only be explained by The Tempest--""You taught me Language, and my profit on't/ Is, I know how to curse."" The language is American Sign Language and the pupils are Macro, a huge, redolent gorilla, and son of Macro, Oh, who is far more receptive. The only human habit Macro has embraced is smoking; while the two simian students, in the care of a Professor Liedlich from Indiana and a deafmute who is supposed to clean up after them, are subjected to various lessons, called semantikaramas, doped with Thorazine, put on television (a disaster--Oh sees his father Macro who has long since plunged to his death), and finally Oh is to be committed to a zoo. Whether you know your Shakespeare or not, you'll find this ""a kind of excellent dumb discourse"" about linguistics and communication and even politics and violence in this world, all smartly ticked off with some funny/sad moments to go bananas over.