STUDIO: EUROPE by John Groth


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Carrying on the Pyle-Mauldin tradition of understanding, sympathetic, honest representation of GI Joe, this is the very personal story of an artist who was with the first American troops in Paris, one of the first two correspondent inside Berlin. He has sorted out the confusion of impressions, into a full-length report on how he managed to get his assignment, what the robot V-I bombs were like, the amazing fact of his being sent ahead of 200 other correspondents to Normandy, the shame of having to run away to tell what he has seen while soldiers stayed to fight, first experiences under fire, with dead soldiers, with German prisoners. The possibility of dismissal ended in his making Paris ahead with the troops, of the victory madness of that city. He met a virgin who stayed a virgin; he visited Picasso, he went on to follow the cleaning up of the Germans, he bunked with Hemingway, he got into Berlin, he crossed the Russian lines, he smuggled out liberated American prisoners. And all the time -- sketching under all difficulties and dangers (approximately 150 of them illustrate his text). Personal observation, very personal indeed, compounded with war material and some degree of originality.

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 1945
Publisher: Vanguard