INSIDE EUROPE by John Gunther
Kirkus Star


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The best of the many ""personality"" books of modern Europe. In concise, descriptive, reportorial style, you get an amazing understanding of the men molding Europe today. The viewpoint is individual, but singularly free from prejudice and sufficiently sharp to penetrate externals. One feels he knows his men -- and is not misled not confused by the complexity of their problems. NOT a book of gossip, though there are a due amount of intimate pictures and newsworthy rumors. Hitler, Laval, Mussolini, Baldwin, Stalin, Robies, Goembocs, Ridz-Smigly, Zog, Carol -- and their adherents, opponents, and probable successors. Not just a series of unrelated ""profiles"" but each shown as he impinges on the others, and the allied or conflicting political, religious and economic factors of policy and people. A fine piece of work.

Pub Date: Feb. 7th, 1936
Publisher: Harper