STEPS TO SALVATION: The Evangelistic Message of Jonathan Edwards by John H. Gerstner

STEPS TO SALVATION: The Evangelistic Message of Jonathan Edwards

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Many biographies of Jonathan Edwards have already appeared and these treat adequately of the stature of the man and the tremendous influence he had upon the colonies and the early American republic. John H. Gerstner makes no attempt to repeat or improve them. Likewise, for the edification of preachers there are books that deal with Edwards' method in homiletics, and his sermons have been edited and published. Gerstner concentrates on one point: ""The evangelistic message of Jonathan Edwards"". Actually, it is quite a point. One has to reconcile the tremendous interest this predestinarian had in evangelism. There is need for reckoning with his view of man and his doctrine of God. His versatile approach to people of all ages, and his adaptation to changing conditions are all considered. The stereotype of Edwards is changed a bit, also, as we reckon with his gentle side, and the love for sinful man which inspired his efforts. Basically this book interprets the theology of evangelism as practised by Edwards, and it will interest all who want to understand the man and his movement, as well as everyone who takes seriously the task of evangelism today. Some of the concepts for which Edwards is noted have become obsolete, but his approach to evangelism can be used and adapted to any age.

Publisher: Westminster Press