REASONS FOR FAITH by John H. Gerstner


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This book embodies good, old-fashioned apologetics, brought up to date, well organized, and handled with skill. In a day when few Christians can answer well a question about why they believe anything, John Gerstner's close reasoning is most welcome. Few such books have been written recently. We've seen lots of theology, religious history, and religious philosophy. But these have failed to answer the questions most likely to be raised by the average Christian who comes to his faith in the midst of, or holds his faith in spite of, a skeptical, disbelieving world. He needs to know why. We have tended to forget that this question has to be answered afresh by those who are contemporary to the situation where it is asked. Nothing is so dreary as trying to read fruitfully the apologetics written for a generation whose questions we are no longer asking. John Gerstner wanted to reach college people, and ""tested"" his book on a baccalaureate group, hence most people who have at least a high school diploma can profit from it. This does not mean that specialists-theologians, preachers and teachers--will not find it useful, but that the book was written for average Christians, who-Dr. Winkler feels- most need the answers he has given so well. Of special interest are his chapters on the Bible, including a treatment of revelation, miracles, prophecies and archaeology.

Pub Date: Feb. 17th, 1960
Publisher: Harper