TEMPTATION FOR A KING by John H. Secondari


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The majesty of man replaces the majesty of rank in this appealing story of a king in exile who is asked to return to his country by politicans and whose position is made critical by a conscientious American commentator. Ex-King Julian lives in a Sorrento villa with his retinue of faithful friends, servants and parasites. The resigned boredom of exile is exploded when politicos intrigue to force him to resume the kingship which might shift the weight of the Western power balance. Niles Robb, a veteran radio newsman, sympathizes with Julian but feels that the story must be told and he must be the first to tell it. Even his calculated risk, waiting as long as possible to break it, disturbs his young assistant, Penny, who feels this is her big chance. But a Communist newspaper is the first to release the story, and Niles puts Julian on the air. The death of a king, as Julian renounces his rights to the throne forever, makes way for a new life. An intriguing array of personalities who arouse sympathy as well as a little thought, suspense engendered by ranging loyalties and principles, this is an attractive novel and Secondari may be remembered for his Coins in the Fountain (1952).

Pub Date: April 21st, 1954
Publisher: Lippincott