THE FUN COUPLE by John Haase


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The fun couple are Tish and Gill Stanford: they're in their twenties and they've been married seven years; they live in Southern California- along with Candy, who is now six; they like to go surfing and skiing, spend weekends' in motels, take wall-to -wall safaris in the living room, listen to hi-fi, buzz around in a sports car, spend what they make (well- maybe a little more), and make love. gill works for a pharmaceutical firm- and gets a raise (and a boat) when he buys back vitamin samples, to give them away to the needy Amberlinis, and so sparks a new promotion scheme; they attend one- only- group therapy session; they take a jazz tour to Europe, and Gill becomes a Paris painter; they have 70 year old Dr. Morgendstern, retired, as nurse-sitter, and also take in another elderly refugee- Von Neuberger; and along with the pillow talk, there's a little beat, and Sinatra, and Mort Sahi, and- and- and....Maybe if you don't dig this fun talk it will be kind of a drag- but the publishers are billing it as a Claudra bit- of the `60's- and without the coy cuteness or sudsy seriousness, it does have a young, pert, personal appeal.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster