POETS OF TODAY V by John Hall- Ed. Wheelock


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Fifth in this series, this volume again introduces three promising contemporary American poets- O. B. Hardison, Jr., Kenneth Pitchford, and Sheila Pritchard. And John Hall Wheelock's extremely brilliant introduction on poetry in general and on the talents of these individual poets illumines the volume. Hardison, the best in this collection, is presented as a poet to whom ""the music of ideas makes an even greater appeal than the music of language. A philosopher, indeed a metaphysician by temperament, his poetry is implicitly and often explicitly a criticism of contemporary life."" On the other hand, Kenneth Pitchford's poetry attracts the reader with its ""aural quality"". While Mrs. Pritchard's poems, especially her nature poems, ""wait upon the moment of special insight and transmit that insight with strictest honesty"".... The market established by the earlier volumes should indicate the interest in this new one.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1958
Publisher: Scribner