LIFESPRING by John Hanley


Getting Yourself From Where You Are To Where You’re Going
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Partly a self-improvement program that aims to open up possibilities for thinking, feeling, and acting in more self-fulfilling and goal-effective ways--but also an extended advertisement for founder Hanley's Lifespring training sessions, in which "150 to 250 people interact with each other" to achieve the same results. For do-it-yourselfers there are essays on how individuals sabotage themselves through rigid adherence to "socially acceptable" behavior, inflated self-images, superficial stereotyping of others, etc. Salted throughout are various exercises, and plenty of questions, the answers to which are to be written in a journal: "What difference would being able to reinvent yourself make in your life?" etc. etc. Each chapter also includes a success story by business people, doctors, lawyers, and other upscale types on how Lifespring enabled them to have more fulfilling relationships and better work performance. Unfortunately, however, there are precious few details on the communication exercises, game playing, etc. that brought about this transformation. Old hat, reblocked.

ISBN: 671-64643-5
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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