WINTER TERM by John Harriman
Kirkus Star


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Incisive, illuminating, and thoroughly captivating story of a term in a typical tradition-bound New England boys prep school, ""eloquent of Greek and games and God."" The third form and their master, Mr. Toppan, hold the center of the stage. These are the fourteen year olds, in all their swagger and insecurity, cruelty and charm, in-betweens intrigued yet perplexed by their emerging manhood. Sensitive, progressive, Mr. Toppan is quite out of place as he bucks his pompous, grooved colleagues, eases the way for the bullied underdogs. His romance with the headmaster's niece, run-ins with boys and masters reach a tense climax at the close when the little pitchers with big ears foment scandal. Realistic, astute, and witty reading -- an ""anti-Mr. Chips"" book for the Young Woodley market.

Pub Date: March 11th, 1940
Publisher: Howell & Soskin