RIGHT OF REPLY by John Harris


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John Harris writes hardbitten adventure stories of one kind or another and this has the Knebel label the heavy thumb on the panic button. Hodges is the commander of Hodge-force, a British unit sent to reoccupy Malala in darkest Africa. But before long it becomes clear that this police action could spread to nuclear annihilation. . . . Russian submarines move within striking distance. . . and the Prime Minister gives every civilian the Right of Reply which leads to an active demonstration in London. . . . It would be hard to recognize a single face and they all sound the same (stiff upper lips sputtering blasteds and bloodies) but the novel is structured with a degree of professionalism. Right of Reply? Calculated risk.

Pub Date: June 26th, 1968
ISBN: 0755102312
Publisher: Coward-McCann