ADVENTURE'S END by John Harris


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Harry Ash was a scoundrel, but somehow a likable one, with his assurance, his ingenuity, his imaginative approach to difficulties. And he faced plenty of them when he found himself committed to the rescue of an English woman who somehow came to mean more to him than he (or she) intended, and of the child, her niece, whom she was virtually kidnapping from the bandit rebel father in a South American country torn by civil war. Their perilous escape under sporadic fire to the coast and a disreputable tramp steamer was adventure enough-and then the steamer was fired upon, men were killed, the ship put out of commission -- and Carroll, an officer on shore responsible for the shooting, needed something he thought Harry Ash had in his bulging brief case. How Ash manipulates the escape- and how, at the end, the reader is left in doubt as to the price he ultimately pays, makes for the best sustained adventure tale John Harris has given us.

Pub Date: June 17th, 1959
Publisher: Morrow-Sloane