PASTELS ARE GREAT! by John Hawkinson


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The man who demonstrated How to Collect, Print and Paint from Nature by relying on observation and technique rather than imitation and tricks does likewise with pastels; the gee whit! title notwithstanding, it's a fine job. Mr. Hawkinson won't let you hold pastels like crayons; he'll make you use your hand and arm instead of your fingers. And he shows how, building an inventory of increasingly subtle strokes that culminate in cityscape, country-scape ""the world you live in."" (He also shows what happens when you go wrong.) Consistently common-sensical (""a great help. . . is a large wastebasket""), exploratory (""never stop experimenting"") and--as usual with Hawkinson--an inducement in itself.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1968
Publisher: Whitman