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Here is recorded a dialogue between the two authors, called a ""conversation piece"" in the sub-title. The ""Smith"" referred to in the title is ""the common man"" or ""the average student"" coming to maturity in our contemporary civilization. The conversation ranges over the whole field of cultural interests: philosophy, education, literature, art, religion, poetry. One can imagine such a conversation taking place in a faculty club, and proving to be fascinating because of the interplay of two good minds, adopt in the use of the English language and sharp in their repartee. But on the printed page, lacking the physical presence of the participants, the conversation lags and one wonders why an attempt should be made to reduce to print what one should have been content to recall as a stimulating conversation between two sophisticated members of the intellige. This is especially true as the conversationalists seem to be in the and quite cynical as to the value of culture in any form, unless it be poetry. It would have been interesting to listen in on this conversation, but to pay good money for the printed record of it is another matter.

Pub Date: March 11th, 1947
Publisher: Macmillan