SERMONS AND DISCOURSES: Vol. I -- 1825 -- 1839; Vol. II --1839 -- 1857 by John Henry Newman
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SERMONS AND DISCOURSES: Vol. I -- 1825 -- 1839; Vol. II --1839 -- 1857

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These two volumes represent the latest additions to ""The Works of John Henry Newman"" which is being published under the masterful editorship of Professor Harrold of Ohio State University, the well known scholar and author of a definitive study of Newman's life and work. These two volumes not only enable the reader to trace the development of Newman's religious thought from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism, they also reveal Newman's greatness of mind and soul, which have led Protestants and Catholics alike to regard him as the greatest religious figure of the last four centuries. The sermons, themselves, are carefully selected so as to reveal not only the progress of Newman's religious thinking, but the timeless depth and beauty of his messages, his mastery of style and imagery, the winsomeness of his appeal to the best in man. Volume I covers the period prior to Newman's conversion, while Volume II gives sermons preached during the time of his great soul struggle and after be became a Catholic. The preface and introduction to each volume, written by Professor Harrold, reveal the editor's scholarly understanding of Newman and are extremely valuable to the reader. Every library that reserves space for religious books should have the complete set of Newman's works (20 volumes, when completed). For those to whom the entire set is out of reach, these two volumes, plus his Apologia Pro Vita Sua, should have top priority.

Publisher: Longmans, Green