HARLEM STORY by John Hewlett


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A novel of the ""sheets"" and the ""N's"" (passing and Negroes) as Flutie from Georgia learns her white skin is a bar both to her colored world and the obstacles of getting into the world of whites. A mistaken entry into a house of call, catering to Negroes with white girls only, pushes Flutie into a fevered desire to pass, brings her into the life of white song writer Jim, from the South. Flutie is definite about concealing her colored blood from Jim and this is her passage of agony to keep her secret. The story of her experiences, of her teachers of the passing school, flashes in and out with the birth of her daughter and her fight to keep from knowing if the baby is white or colored. High pitched, to a florid degree, this keeps the quality of its sensational theme and is for such an audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1948
Publisher: Prentice-Hall