THE NEW FRONT PAGE by John Hohenberg


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Hohenberg, an ex-newspaperman, now professor of journalism at Columbia, has compiled a collection of Pulitzer prize stories, and others he feels have merit, which deal with civil rights, exposes, foreign reportage, science, crime, news analysis, or impressionistic features. The reason for corralling all this newsprint between hard covers is presumably that the front page now has a scope old Joseph Pulitzer never dreamed of. The stories themselves are as interesting as news accounts of freedom marches, scandals, John Glenn's ascent and Kennedy's assassination can be. Not many, however, were written with eternity in mind and will not last that long. The contributors include Reston, Lippmann, Harrison Salisbury, Hodding Carter, etc. who have been selected to show the changes in the ""front page"" and in Journalistic techniques. They have been better represented elsewhere and one questions whether this point needed to be made in book form.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1965
Publisher: Columbia Univ. Press