THE QUEST OF THE GOLE by John Hollander


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Spell it ""gole,"" ""goul"" or ""goal"" this is strong fable, spun out cleverly by making it seem as though the whole thing had been put together from fragments of scattered ancient sources. The author uses poetic imagery and a bardic storyteller's rhythm to describe the fabulous hazards encountered by three princes--charged by their dying father to find ""the gole."" If they could, it would raise the clammy grey atmosphere of their beclouded kingdom, one which had descended when the dying king had committed a misdeed he had been immediately unable to recall. The first prince quested and in searching for a material thing found a wealthy kingdom but forgot his name; the second quested and found personal satisfaction as an honored minstrel--and forgot his name. The third waited at home. The questing was forced on him and he received more supernatural help than his brothers. Being more sensitive and less didactic, he came the closest and brought the sunlight back to his homeland. It's for the romantic imagination of the fairy tale into fantasy addicts and has interesting ink sketches by Reginald Pollack.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1966
Publisher: Atheneum