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A distinguished group of medical men have collaborated in this discussion of the stroke- still ""the major medical mystery"" of our day though twentieth century medicine has inaugurated new, definite, and hopeful, methods of diagnosis and treatment. Still, it is becoming a more common cause of death. While the physiology of the stroke (its mechanism- the working of the brain- etc.) is complex, much has been done here to simplify its understanding without cheapening the presentation (Steincrohn, et al), and the coverage ranges over causation (here cholesterol seems guiltier than stress); the subtleties and difficulties of diagnosis; treatment (diet and drugs); surgery, psychosomatic factors both before and after the stroke; and rehabilitation by Dr. Howard Rusk (with a substantial number of exercises along with diagram illustrations). An excellent book, and it is to be hoped that the market will be- in the Madison Avenue version of the problem- ""poly-nonsatuarated and hydrogenated"".

Publisher: Dutton