LEAVETAKING: When and How to Say Goodbye by John J.; Gloria Feinberg & Mortimer R. Feinberg Tarrant

LEAVETAKING: When and How to Say Goodbye

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A let's-all-lunge-into-leavetaking pep talk that comes across as responsible, if a bit repetitive. The momentous life changes involved in divorce, getting fired, or dealing with death are seen as positive opportunities for personal growth, rather than painful episodes to be avoided or denied. As usual, the stages of mourning and their therapeutic value make for useful discussions, and the advice to work them through completely is supported by a variety of situational cause-effect examples that serve as caveats (Fred never worked through that old hurt; ten months later he began to drink and get headaches). No unique revelations, but a swift and sure balm for destructive attitude orientations.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1978
Publisher: Simon & Schuster