A GAME OF WITS by John J. Healy


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A surprisingly gripping recollection of actual cases handled by Joe Healy, an insurance investigator who ""deals primarily in death."" The supersleuth author recounts how his persistent hard work--and an occasional hunch--have paid off in getting to the bottom of some truly bizarre fraudulent claims. Like the suicidal embezzler who took out over $400,000 worth of insurance for a flight that just happened to blow up. . . or the suspicious double dismemberment of an insurance company executive (he should've left his wristwatch on when he pulled his shotgun trigger). Most incredible perhaps is the small Southern town dubbed ""Nub City"" where maimings have provided the local populace with a major source of income for a number of years. Healy's an adept storyteller with plenty to say--assuredly.

Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1975
Publisher: McKay