PRODIGAL GENIUS: The Life of Nikola Tesla by John J. O'Neill

PRODIGAL GENIUS: The Life of Nikola Tesla

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Tesla, famous Yugoslav-American scientist, whose greatest gift was the application of the principle of alternating current to industrial use, here interpreted as a man and a genius. Interest in the book presupposes some degree of knowledge of electricity, though it is not primarily a scientific work. During a rather unusual childhood, he showed evidence of marked genius in science and mathematics; his schooling was extensive, despite ill health; he came to America to work first with Edison, later alone. His life was marked by extremes of financial success and failure; he ruled love out of his life, despite designing mothers. All in all, the discussion of his work in electricity, the principles behind his system of power transmission, his discoveries in the rotating magnetic field, and numerous other contributions make him an instrument in many phases of our physical existence today.

Pub Date: Nov. 15th, 1944
Publisher: Ives Washburn