COLORS by John J Reiss
Kirkus Star


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Many vivid hues but not too many colors--a simply and stunningly designed display of the best features of the primaries and secondaries, plus brown and black, in terms of forms familiar to almost every child (except for a plethora of blue butterflies). There are red strawberries and raspberries and melon (each different), and a red fireman's hat; there's blue sea, green grass, a brown bear and a black-and-white zebra, among many others, and the book will serve for color recognition--with the bonus of an empty, counterpaned bed on the white title page, the same sheltering girl and cat on the last black page, ""night."" As executed, however, it is also a demonstration of the properties of color and a happy application of the teachings of the man to whom it is dedicated, crack colorist Josef Albers.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 1969
Publisher: Bradbury Press