CREATE NEW FLOWERS AND PLANTS; Indoors and Out by John James


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Most gardeners have a secret hope that some day they will have time and opportunity to go in for plant breeding. Here is the guidebook they will need -- and encouragement to feel that the time is now. Anyone with a plot of soil and a deep interest in growing plants and a modicum of background on botany, genetics, plant evolution and the chemistry of plant life is immediately a candidate for becoming plant breeder. And anyone who is observant and interested can become a plant discoverer. The steps are charted here and a whole new field opens up to selection, germination, genetics, mutation, etc., etc. This is a book on background, methods and techniques. The author assumes the reader wants to know the reason why and is willing to take a step at a time to master the subject. The book won't it for you, but the numerous black and white diagrams, and line drawings and the color photographs, many of them photomicrographs, will enhance the value of an excellent text. The appendix provides lists not easy to come by, such as plants to use for originating new varieties by selection, by hybridization, common shrubs with sterile flowers, with hard-to-germinate seeds and so on. Forms for three year records and a bibliography, glossary and index round out the book. Highly recommended for a defined market.

Pub Date: March 13th, 1964
Publisher: Doubleday