DEAR GEORGE...! by John Keasler


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Mr. Keasler resents the fact that it has been strictly women who have been called upon to ""balm mankind's stubbed toes with an ointment two parts unction and one part hear-say"". And this is a collection of letters and answers to those letters spoofing the advice columns of Joyce Brothers, Anne Landers, Rose Franzblau, et al. He covers the usual areas in which help is most often solicited: sex, garbage, collection, living within one's income, sex, ""how to give up candy bars by smoking"", and sex. Now Mr. Keasler is a very funny man, but the ladies of the journals are not given by this collection their just devastation. Only satire -- fine, knowledgeable satire -- could do that. These are essentially some very funny one-liners: ""Dear George: How can I meet a nice girl in a strange town?"" signed Lonesome... ""Dear Lonesome: Beats me. But if you ever get to Atlanta, I've got the address of a strange girl in a nice town""... ""Dear George: Could you tell me how the story of the Easter Bunny got started?""... ""Yes. This big bunny rabbit started coming around on Easter and hiding eggs. Soon he was known as the 'Easter Bunny'"". Some of this material appeared in the author's syndicated column.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1962
Publisher: Simon & Schuster