JADOO by John Keel


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In quest of magic the author travels the Upper Nile to the lower Ganges finding Jadoo -- oriental magic- and adventure to boot. In Egypt where the cult of the snake is serpentine he found catchers, swallowers, eaters, lovers, charmers of that reptile; he is squashed by a camel and threatened by a mummy maker whose commodities are putrescently fresh. In Baghdad he plays Russian Roulette with a modern Ali Baba and visits, illegally, a tribe of Devil-Worshippers. He learns the secrets of x-ray eyes, bearded cobras, two-headed cobras, human pincushions, water-walking, and living burials as he travels dangerously by ship, on foot, in car, on camel...often in the company of inscrutable. For most tricks there is a natural and disappointing explanation but for others in the realm of Eastern ""parapsychology"" none will suffice. The combination of cliff-hanging experiences with serious probing for the bizarre, the cretive and the enigmatic, make for off-beat adventures for an off beat market.

Pub Date: Oct. 14th, 1957
Publisher: Messuer