SECRET ARMIES: The New Technique of Nazi Warfare by John L. Spivak

SECRET ARMIES: The New Technique of Nazi Warfare

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This is an angry book, and a somewhat lop-sided one. But -- if one balances it off with a somewhat less bellicose point of view, there is much of importance and value in the revelations here summarized. He sketches the activities of agents and propaganda in England; in France; in Central and South America. He indicates the operations of this ""Fifth Column"" activity, and the relation to the Rome, Berlin, Tokyo axis. He shows how it fomented Civil War in Spain, how it built and manned a network of fortifications in France, how it contributed to the Austrian and Czechoslovakian occupations, how it lays groundwork for sabotage in the next war, how it is working for the overthrow of the unsympathetic Mexican government today. He ties it up with anti-Communistic and anti-Jewish propaganda everywhere, and attacks the Dies Committee as biased. He urges the importance of counter propaganda.

ISBN: 1176969064
Publisher: Modern Age