SEEDS OF LIFE: The Story of Sex by John Langdon-Davies

SEEDS OF LIFE: The Story of Sex

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This goes up the family tree from amoeba to man following the progress of reproduction from vegetative to sexual processes and produces some aspects of natural history that are fascinating to know about. Even old enemies -- the parasite of malaria, the career of the termite and the bedbug, -- look a bit more pleasant in the light of their fight for survival; there's a look in on agriculture in the aphis and rust; snails and earthworms add an unusual touch as does the bee orchid, the yucca and its moth, even robins and spiders. Courtship is part of the picture as it leads into the human form of reproduction. The emphasis is on the genius of sex, as it employs specific adaptation to environment, adjusts and varies in the necessity of continuing the species. This will companion the worthwhile Web Of Life by John H. Storer, (1953), as a stimulating scientific introduction.

Publisher: Devin-Adair