AIDS: The Facts by John Langone

AIDS: The Facts

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Another well-researched, up-to-date AIDS primer, this time taking the view that the danger to the population at large has been overstated. Langone (Vital Signs; Long Life; Chiropractors; Goodbye to Bedlam, and others) seems to be primarily addressing heterosexuals, and his reading of the facts to this point leads to reassurance that AIDS can be avoided: ""There is no significant heterosexual AIDS threat--that is, no major threat of the virus' being transmitted through conventional sex between man and woman--nor is there ever likely to be any heterosexual epidemic in this country or in any other developed nation."" He develops his arguments carefully, and also gives consideration to the views of others who strongly disagree with him (Robert Redfield of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, for one). At the same time, he offers clear definitions, and explores how the disease originated, prospects for cure, steps individuals can take for prevention, and the current status of AIDS testing. Many will disagree with his interpretation of the magnitude of the AIDS threat, but Langone is a responsible proponent of his point of view, and there is good, basic information and update to be had here.

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1987
Publisher: Little, Brown