FIFTY YEARS IN CHINA by John Leighton Stuart


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A lifetime dedicated to the cause of China entitles John Leighton Stuart, missionary, diplomat, scholar, to speak authoritatively. He puts himself unequivocally on the side of the Nationalists, and does not hesitate to criticize our foreign policy for vacillation and inconsistency, while endorsing our expressed determination to continue to back Nationalist China in the U N and to refuse to tolerate further extension of Communism in Southeast Asia. His story starts with his personal record:- son of missionaries, reluctant for many years to accept the mission field on his own role, but- the decision made- never regretting it; founder and President of Yenching University in Peking; spearhead of a new approach to raising funds for American missionary activities in the educational field; friend- and intimate- of many prominent Chinese; prisoner of the Japanese; and finally called by General Marshall and President Truman to shoulder responsibility at a difficult time in China as our Ambassador -- such is in bare outline his story. But those aspects which make this a significant book relate to his clarity of thinking about China's problems, during the difficult years when Chiang and the Kuomintang took steps towards bringing China into the democratic way of life; during Civil War and defeat at the hands of the Communists; and during the first period when the Central People's Government ""governed with little manifestation of totalitarian inclination"" only to shift"" to courses of indoctrination in Communist principles"", which became increasingly menacing. He feels that time is on the side of the right- but does not visualize time in the Occidental sense- but rather views it as it has operated in China's past. We must not compromise with our own way of life, but must make our decisions and actions consistent with our goals in foreign policy as a whole.... A rewarding book, albeit uneven in interest and not always as clearcut as might be desired.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1954
Publisher: Random House