JET TRANSPORTS by John Lewellen
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The author of The Atomic Submarine again explores, with signal success, the mysteries of modern transportation, this time the jet transports-past, present, future. Whether or not he is psychologically sound in presenting first the hazards evidenced in the tragic disasters of the British Comets, first jet planes in commercial service, that is his approach. Then he goes on to the more cautious development of the American commercial jet transports, the determination to avoid the hows and whys of disaster in England, the long testing period, the problems of refuelling, etc. Next he turns to analysis of high altitude air adventure, of the basic principles controlling flight, sustained direction, the importance of the new instruments, the various techniques of direction controls and navigation, the power of jet engines, the turbo jets, the choice of new sources of power, the future of jet flight. For the air minded- ten and up- this is a must.

Publisher: Crowell