LAZARUS MAN by John Lutz


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Which character is the Lazarus man? Is it Wilson Capp, just released from prison after serving four years out of seven for his part in the ""Gateway"" caper which failed so astoundingly and brought about the resignation of President Andrew Berwin? (Capp bears a strong resemblance to cryptic Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy.) Or is the Lazarus man perhaps ex-President Berwin--who paces about Lost Palms down in Florida, building up secret deals to mastermind his way back into political power? In any event, this Watergate fantasy-spinoff gets under-way as Capp starts wiping out the various Gateway politicos who set him up: using mild disguises and two Cubans, he's dealing death by knife, bomb, and soft-nosed highpowered slug, not to mention the kickoff murder (in a Boston bathtub) of the John-Dean character. But Capp's big goal is to administer the big sleep to ex-Pres. Berwin himself, who suspects that Capp is coming and sends his hit squad out after Capp. The climax comes, as it must, in Berwin's study when Capp arrives disguised as one of Berwin's own assassins. . . . Energetic, crude fare from the bloodthirsty Mr. Lutz (Bonegrinder, 1977)--but those who tune in for the Watergate parallels will learn nothing new and will probably be disappointed.

Pub Date: May 23rd, 1979
Publisher: Morrow