BLOOD FIRE by John Lutz


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Hum-drum Lutz (Tropical Heat, Kiss, etc.). But middling Lutz is still better than most of the hard-boileds, and there is pleasure to be had here when his ex-cop Carver is bamboozled first by drug kingpin Roberto Gomez, then by Gomez's black wife Elizabeth. Whose story is true, his or hers? Gomez says he loves her and wants her back to patch things up; she says he wants her back in order to kill her. The other big discrepancy: the his vs. her version of what happened to their heroin-addicted infant son. While Carver's sorting it out, Elizabeth's sister is murdered, goons swipe at Carver, and then he and Elizabeth--on the lam in the Everglades--hassle with a pair of racist bruise brothers (who later become alligator snacks). The grisly Gomez marital reunion and the subsequent Carver depression end with a new romance for Carver, but the pervasive mood here is bleak, lonely, and only going through-the-tough-guy motions.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1990
Publisher: Henry Holt