IN YOUR OPINION... by John M. Fenton


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John M. Fenton is a Callup Poll editor. This book is an interesting and readable description of how the American electorate has felt about the most important political questions during the past fifteen years. The book is not concerned exclusively with political matters however; the poll findings cover a wide variety of topics of a general nature, some of them unabashedly frivolous, for example, the revelation that at some time during marriage eight and a half million American women have struck their husbands and that the men have generally retaliated. More serious topics include: American attitudes toward Russia during and after the War; the popularity and influence of the nation's leaders during various crises; public feeling, particularly Southern, towards the Supreme Court's 1954 decision; sentiment toward a Catholic candidate for President; and finally, some predictions of a safe, general nature about the likely turn of events during the Sixties. The overall statistical facts will hardly surprise even the most casual newspaper reader but the interest of the book lies in the author's breakdowns and analyses of American voter opinion.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1960
Publisher: Little, Brown