TREE CARE by John M. Haller


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For the home owner who has the time and the interest this should be a most valuable and useful book for, after a detailed definition of the structure of the tree, its physiology from root to superstructure, leaves and organs of reproduction, it goes on to the questions of the size of the tree you want, the kind and where to get them. Then comes planting with all kinds of advice for the handling of many types of trees, next pruning, why and when and how to do it properly; after that is cavity repair, cabling and bracing, fertilizing, spraying. Insects, beneficial and otherwise, their recognition and control, follow as do diseases and the kinds of treatment -- protection, eradication, exclusion and immunization -- and these lead into environmental damage and miscellaneous troubles. There is a question and answer section and another on equipment and books and there will be illustrations. A good guide for the welfare of the trees in your life, an able indoctrination for the beginner and a useful check up for the more experienced.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1957
Publisher: Macmillan